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Our Story

Gorilla Socks is a New York based company that produces eco-friendly, bamboo fiber socks engineered for the concrete jungle. We specialize in creating an exciting range of premium quality, bold designs to brighten up the modern man´s sock drawer with a commitment to being eco-friendly in all that we do.

It all began in New York City

The concept for our socks was born on a sunny day in New York, the concrete jungle. Our founders were riding their bikes along the Hudson River, Gianluca was complaining (like always, he is Italian after all) about their lack of entrepreneurial spirit, when Gavin (the optimist) introduced the idea of the bamboo fiber. They both have a love for colorful, bold socks and the environment. It was at that moment they decided to embark on their first entrepreneurial journey.

Their mission is simple: to combine a sense of responsibility to support our planet, disadvantaged communities and the gorilla species with a love for colorful socks.


Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International #savinggorillas

Our Mission: Help Save Gorillas

The notion of Gorilla Socks goes beyond providing eco-friendly and stylish socks. Since inception, we have been committed to give something back. Inspired by Dian Fossey’s remarkable life and legacy we decided to support The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

We have pledged to donate to the charity at least 10% of each and every pair of socks we sell. It is a truly exciting partnership and we are proud to support such a fantastic cause. Please see more here.

Meet the team


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