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Free Shipping on USA Orders - free worldwide shipping on orders over $60

What Does It Mean to be a Social Entrepreneur?

September 26, 2017

Social Entrepreneurship is something we’ve talked about often here on the Gorilla Blog, but what we haven’t discussed is the true meaning to being a Social Entrepreneur.


 According to, there’s certain boxes you have to check off to truly be a Social Entrepreneur like community need and passion over profit (but not ignoring that you actually need a profit).


I think to be a Social Entrepreneur you really have to believe in the product you’re selling. The creators of Gorilla Socks made this company because they believed in socks that make your feet and your heart feel good.


A purchase of these comfortable, eco-conscious socks is contributing to saving one of the world’s most precious endangered species but you’re also supporting their dream.


That’s what sets Social Entrepreneurs apart from other run of the mill businesses. Not only are they providing you with a service or something you really need but you’re giving back with your purchase. You’re giving to their dream but you’re supporting their cause.

Gorilla Socks Mountain Gorilla Dian Fossey Fund Bamboo Socks Colorful Socks

That’s why buying your socks from Gorilla Socks is the right choice to make. Not only are you supporting our dream, but you’re saving Gorilla’s lives.

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