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Free Shipping on USA Orders - free worldwide shipping on orders over $60

Mr. Pink Bamboo Socks in British GQ

November 16, 2016

Mr. Pink Bamboo Socks in British GQ

Hello again from the guys at Gorilla Socks!

Be sure to check out the December issue of British GQ to catch a glimpse of our Mr. Pink Bamboo Socks and use discount code "GQ" for 15% off at our online store. 

The Mr. Pink is our take on the Herringbone style, a timeless classic first used by the Romans and now one of the most popular styles in sartorial circles.

 Mr. Pink bamboo cotton socks men Gorilla colorful eco friendly pink herringbone

The pattern was developed for building roads during the Roman Empire and was called Opus Spicatum, that’s "spiked work" to you and me, and it paved (great pun!) the way for how we build roads today. The crisscrossing structure allowed for the compression and movement of the road, spreading the load over twice as many bricks compared with a standard road, as traffic moved along it.

The Italian connection is apt given the pattern’s use in fashion and textiles which has spread far and wide. Today herringbone is used in a variety of clothing from to heavy wool to outerwear and tweed suits, as favored in the Celtic nations and we have now adopted the style at Gorilla Socks with our Mr. Pink and Green Envy bamboo fiber socks. 

Herringbone skeleton

But enough of the fishy stuff, let’s get back to gorillas…Take a look at our online store to check out the benefits of our amazingly comfortable bamboo fiber socks. These eco-friendly accessories are the ideal stocking filler for Christmas or birthdays: a small present that goes a long way to supporting the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the #savinggorillas cause.

That’s all for this week. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for our upcoming post from @TheExiledBrit and a special collaboration with another eco-friendly brand out of the US and Mexico.

Gavin and Gianluca. 



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