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Free Shipping on USA Orders over $10 - free worldwide shipping on orders over $60

Let's Get Together & Feel Alright

August 11, 2017

Similarities are something that can always make a connection stronger. So it's no surprise that someone can feel a connection to the charities they support.


Consider buying a pair of premium Gorilla Socks. We're more alike to the mountain gorilla's they're trying to save than you would think.

1. Mountain Gorillas are Vegeterians
Mountain gorilla's exclusively eat leaves and plants, no meat at all. This is comparable to the society that we live in that's becoming more adept to the idea of living without meat.


2. They're Gentle Giants
It's safe to say everyone over 6ft is not as scary or intimidating as they might seem at first glance. These animals are not out to hurt anybody, standing at 7ft tall when on their hind legs. Yes, they may be large, but don't be scared.


3. They're Unique in their Own Ways
Every person has different fingerprints, just like mountain gorilla's but with a different body part. The noses of each gorilla is different and is the way that researchers can tell them apart. These gorillas also have personality, too. each one is special in their own way.

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These creatures are animals that we should protect, with only roughly 800 left in the world. They're so unique and special, but they need someone to look out for them and preserve their rich history. Consider buying a pair of colorful and fun Gorilla Socks and commit to keeping these animals alive and thriving.

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