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Green Sea Turtles, the Interesting Truth

August 15, 2018

It all started with Pixar    

    From their debut in the Pixar film Finding Nemo, green sea turtles are an unique part of nature. This special sea creature is distinguished by its olive colored shell, short snout, overlapping scales, and single prefrontal scales. The single scales are what actually make the green sea turtle quit distinguishable, most turtles only have two.

Temperature Determines the sex of the Offspring

    Scales aren’t the only fact that make this animal one of a kind. This creature travels over 1,000 miles just to breed, talk about dedication! Another interesting characteristic of this turtle’s breeding process is how vital the temperature of the nest is. Temperature can actually determine the sex of the offspring. Too hot of a nest can result in the birth of a female and too cold can result in the birth of a male. Regardless of the sex only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will make it to the breeding age in adulthood.

     Once in adulthood the sea turtle is a herbivore in comparison to its juvenile carnivore phase. It will occasionally pull itself out of water and onto shore to warm up in the sun. It is also known to sleep submerged for extended periods while wedging itself under rocks and reefs.

Critically Endangered

     The green sea turtle is an interesting part of nature, however it is endangered. This is mostly due to destruction of their breeding grounds and poaching. Turtles are poached for their eggs, skin, and meat. A creature that has been in the earth for more than 100 million years is at risk from being wiped out of existence due to destructive human behavior.

There are many ways you can support endangered species, one is by visiting and donating to our partner AZA SAFE, or by visiting our website at this link. A portion of all sales on our AZA SAFE collection go to AZA SAFE and their work to save animals from extinction. 

Brianna Lorenzana

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