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@TheExiledBrit Collab - Original Grain Watches

February 07, 2017 1 Comment

@TheExiledBrit Collab - Original Grain Watches

Yes its me again @TheExiledBrit and I am positively delighted to be coming at you with the second monthly feature in collaboration with my very good friends here at Gorilla Socks. Every edition of this blog will be centred around like minded eco-friendly brands that are consciously going about their business with care for the environment! There will also be fashion tips as well as tricks and who knows, I might not be the only person to feature on this blog! Only one way to find out, hoy your email in the box to the right and get a direct message whenever one of these posts are released! 

Where to start, where to start… Well I could rattle on about how I think these watches are amazing and brilliant and all of that and to be perfectly honest with you they are. They have achieved something I thought was impossible. They have managed to make the wood watch something other than a gimmick. I don’t mean this as an insult. The truth is, the wood is normally the unique selling point in a ‘wood watch’ but the chaps and chapesses over at Original Grain have managed to make the watch itself the selling point. They have set the bar above industry standards of wood watch design. Influenced by their roots in the Pacific Northwest, they bring the best natural materials into each watch silhouette and let me tell you, they are some serious eye-candy.

 Original Grain Watch

Not only have they achieved what I personally think they have, but they also work very closely with “Trees for the future” which means for every watch sold, 10 trees are planted. In addition to this local farmers are taught the importance of planting for their family’s future. By planting 4,000 trees in addition to their food crops, villagers will grow more food, make more money, and build a sustainable future. Farmers learn to plant over 12 types of fruit trees and vegetables to meet market opportunities and nutritional needs of their families. Their goal is to help present & future generations by increasing quality of life, providing nutritious food to eat, and educating local villages on utilising their resources.

 Original Grain Altera Chrono Watch

Their new ‘Alterra’ chronograph is beautiful, the leather strapped edition I personally find an absolute game-changer. They have a very wide range of collections which cater for absolutely everybody. For the more subtle of you I cannot recommend the ‘Minimalist’ collection enough, they are so so slick and can be paired with pretty much any outfit you can imagine! The ‘Classic’ collection also offers a stunning alternative to your work watch, with its sleek curves and formality the ‘Classic Rosewood and Chrome’ is a particular favourite of mine. The ‘Barrel’ seem to be the heavy duty collection designed to be worn and to last. Coming in with the largest watch face at 47mm. These watches look like they could be worn by a black-turtlenecked bond villain and come out the other side to tell the tale.

Original Grain Minimalist Collection

So go and have a goosy gander at their watches and prepare to be amazed.

I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you all again next month for another brand review! 

All the best

The Exiled Brit

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Jack Franks
Jack Franks

February 07, 2017

Great work! Love these watches

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