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@TheExiledBrit Collab - Coba Wallet

December 04, 2016 1 Comment

@TheExiledBrit Collab - Coba Wallet

Salut, moin, alreet, ¿que honda?! Yes its me @TheExiledBrit and I am delighted to be coming at you with a monthly feature in collaboration with my very good friends here at Gorilla Socks. Every edition of this blog will be centred around like minded eco-friendly brands that are consciously going about their business with care for the environment! There will also be fashion tips as well as tricks and who knows, I might not be the only person to feature on this blog! Only one way to find out, hoy your email in the box to the right and get a direct message whenever one of these posts are released! 

Now onto our first featured brand! COBÁ, as someone who is fascinated by languages and living in the wonder that is Mexico, I wanted to start off by sharing this little nugget with you. Che' Is a word that the indigenous Maya use when referring to "Wood and/or tree." The wallets by the lads and lasses over at Cobá are made with the utmost care using one of the finest hardwood found in the Yucatan peninsular, Tzlam or "Caribbean Walnut". As if the guys weren't cultured enough, even the name Cobá is an ancient Maya City on the Yucatan Peninsula! It is located in the state of Quintana Roo. The name itself derives from "waters stirred by the wind" which is more than apt as the settlement is surrounded by two large lagoons.

 Coba Wallet Sak White

The Cobá family strive to maintain a sustainable society to pass on to our future generations. They promise for every wallet sold, a tree will be planted. So not just offering great products but also looking after our very delicate environment! Now having used this wallet almost every day for the past few months (a testament to the wallet is the amount of grids it is in), I can say with the utmost certainty that it is a brilliant accessory to have at your disposal. Sometimes when you go out you don't need to drag your entire wallet with you, its just not needed! I mean more and more of us are using less and less cards. Just think about it. How many of your cards can you use interactively on your phone? Starbucks, yes. Flight reward points, yes. Supermarket points, yes. You can even use your phone to pay for things now! So in all honesty, how many do you need? Bank card, transport card (Oyster/CDMX card), ID and driving licence. All of that conveniently fits into this little bundle of joy.

 Coba Wallet Chooj Blue

To use, you have to remember that this is a FRONT POCKET wallet. Although it is made of it wood, there is obviously a possibility that half an inch of wood can't really stand up to body weight! It's small enough that it doesn't become a nuisance and it also can withstand quite a big knock and live to tell the tale! "But Luke, how the hell do you 'style' a piece of wood? " Ah yes, I was waiting for you to ask that. The range they have on offer is Boox (black), Chooj (blue), Sak (white) and Ya'ak (green). Which means you have nothing to worry about, it can go with any outfit you can possibly imagine! ALSO I FAILED TO MENTION, they all have free WORLDWIDE shipping in addition to 20% off when you use the code 'Gorillasocks'! 

You cannot ask for more! I hope you are all well and counting down the days until Christmas, I know I am! 

All the best and until next month.

The Exiled Brit

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John Thompson
John Thompson

December 07, 2016

Great article! Love this wallet and love the socks! Keep up the good work.

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