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Free Shipping on USA Orders over $10 - free worldwide shipping on orders over $60

For Gorilla Socks, it's Personal

August 15, 2017

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Gorilla Socks are unique, there's no doubt about it. From their premium makeup of bamboo to keep you cool and comfortable to the variety of colors, they'll help you stand out.


Here's three different colors to match with three very different personalities!

Mr. Weekend Warrior

Always out to make a statement, Mr. WW prefers bright colors that can go from the boardroom to the bar. That's why Mr. Pink is perfect for him because it's as versatile as he is. These work for any occasion and are sure to make you feel soxy. Real men wear pink anyways.

The Environmentalist

He is eco-friendly from his head to his toes- especially in his Gorilla Socks. Green all day everyday is his main operation so that's why Green Envy matches any and all of his outfits. Perfect for hiking, biking and everything in between. He’s down to dress to impress while making a change.

The Extrovert

He's always the life of the party and he's always outgoing no matter the situation. To him, a day when he's not going out is a day wasted. His choice is Polka Loca, because he needs a sock just as bright as him. If he’s not standing out, it’s a wast of time so he needs to shine.

If you identify with any of these guys or just want a pair of Premium socks, consider Gorilla Socks. 10% of your proceeds goes to protect mountain gorilla conservation efforts, too, so you'll feel good in a different way too. 

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