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Five Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Month

November 09, 2018 2 Comments

Five Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Month

In case you somehow didn’t go on social media this week, last Thursday (November 1 st ) was World Vegan Day, which now kicks off a whole World Vegan Month. As well as the increased mass of male facial hair and decrease of men’s razor sales, November now also means a
celebration, exploration and respect of all things vegan.

The recent widely-read study from the University of Oxford analysing the effects of farming on our environment found that a vegan diet could be the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce our
environmental impact. Cutting out meat and dairy reduces an individual’s food carbon
footprint by up to 73%, and if everyone in the world followed this then global farmland
could be reduced by 75%. To put that into astounding perspective, an area equivalent to the
size of the EU, US, China and Australia combined could be replenished from farming if the
world went vegan. As well as its fight for animal welfare, then, veganism is also fighting for
our planet. Here are just some ways you can get involved and celebrate World Vegan Month
this November.

1. Get the VeGuide app

The Vegan Society, the first and longest-running vegan charity in the world, has just
launched its VeGuide app in honour of World Vegan Month. Recognising that veganism is
not always an easy and accessible lifestyle choice for many, The Vegan Society have created
an app to help you navigate and maintain this potential transition. At the start of the 30 days
you can tailor the app’s content to your own personal motivation for exploring veganism,
and then check in throughout the month for daily videos, covering common struggles and
questions about going vegan, quizzes, recipes, and discount codes that get unlocked as you
progress. So whether you just want to dabble in veganism and see what all the fuss is about
or are trying to combat your love of cheese to make the full commitment, the VeGuide app
shows how the potentially unappealing, intimidating and alien challenge of veganism can
really be fun, simple and accessible to all.

2. Preorder the new BOSH! Cookbook

We’ve all seen those great little cooking videos on Facebook and Instagram where
anonymous pairs of hands whip up exciting dishes over pop-up hobs. Well, a lot of the time
those hands belong to the creators of BOSH! TV, Henry and Ian, two bloggers with
exclusively plant-based recipes. After the success of their first cookbook ‘BOSH!’, which
became the fastest selling debut cookbook of 2018 and a Sunday Times #1 Bestseller, the
boys chose World Vegan Day to announce the release of their new cookbook, ‘BISH BASH
BOSH!’. If you’ve somehow never seen the BOSH! recipe videos then get searching now, and
afterwards you’ll no doubt want to preorder the new book this World Vegan Month from
the boys changing the face of veganism.

3. Try some new vegan products

The wealth and variety of vegan products has skyrocketed recently, with Sainsburys’ vegan
and vegetarian range increasing by 35% and 22 launches in October in order to meet the
surging demand. As well as launching their own range of vegan ready-meals, including an
awesome sweet potato katsu curry, Sainsburys now stocks three varieties of Upton’s
Naturals jackfruit, The Meatless Farm Co’s clever substitutes and a huge range from the
popular Fry’s company. Even some of the biggest dairy-based companies now offer vegan
alternatives, like Hellman’s vegan mayo and the infamous vegan Magnums, making the

dietary shift much more appealing. With such an expansive and accessible offering of vegan
products now, even the most fervent meat-eater can feel they’re not missing out on their
favourite foods, from burgers to hoisin ‘duck’ to convenient chicken-style strips. There really
couldn’t be a better time to try out a more-plant based diet yourself than this World Vegan

4. Take the November keep-cup pledge

Small Action Big Impact is a 12 month campaign promoting the importance of recycling,
encouraging mindful consumption and disposal. You can sign up to the campaign and pledge
to take one positive action each month for our planet, with regular reminders and tips along
the way. World Vegan Month coincides with their November pledge to ‘Clean Up Your
Coffee Habit’. With less than 1% of coffee cups being recycled, Small Action Big Impact
encourages you to take a reusable cup with you everywhere you go this month, striving to
not use any disposables for your daily coffee fixes. To go even further this World Vegan
Month, try choosing the most environmentally-conscious coffee blend and even milk – oat
milk has shown to have the least impact on our planet for its production (and even better,
Oatly have just released a whole new range), so get pledging!

5. Get down to Honest Burger!

Following the huge success of their vegan ‘Plant Burger’ trial, which was being tested in
London’s King Cross branch, the popular chain Honest Burger has announced it will launch
the burger nationwide just in time for World Vegan Month. Their newest addition uses the
renowned Beyond Meat burger patty, which was created in a lab to best replicate real beef,
making it the perfect option for transitioning meat-lovers. Honest Burger in fact recorded
that a third of customers buying the trial burger were meat-eaters wanting to dip into a
plant-based diet. So, if you are thinking of giving veganism a try but are worried about what
you’ll miss out on, Honest Burger’s new release is a great place to start. Again there couldn’t
be a better time or a bigger plethora of options to try than this World Vegan Month.

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