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Free Shipping on USA Orders over $10 - free worldwide shipping on orders over $60

EcoFriendly Fashion: Upcycling

July 28, 2017


Upcycling is the hottest new trend among those who want to be eco-conscious about their fashion. Upcycling can include anything from accent pieces to storage bins to furniture, but for the purpose of this article, we'll only focus on clothes. 


The process involves repurposing clothes that you may already own or buying them from thrift stores. You take these clothes and cut, hem, embellish and sew until they're something completely new. Some improvements can include cropping or adding fabric. Adding fringes or beads can also make drab old clothes new.


The trend is sweeping websites like Youtube and Tumblr with content creators competing to see who can make the cutest upcycled pieces. The home improvement community is all for it to, like at Good Housekeeping, who cite the practice as being a way to "give new life to those pieces that aren't worthy of the donation bin."


Upcycling is a trend that won't be going away any time soon. It's not just for the crafty anymore, anyone can be ecofriendly on a budget like this. 


If you're not ready to make the plunge into sewing your sweater into a pillow, try buying a pair of Gorilla Socks. These premium socks are made of Bamboo, a breathable and temperature friendly material that's just as ecofriendly as upcycling without all the sewing. 


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