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@TheExiledBrit Collab - Depoche Watch Collab

July 04, 2017

@TheExiledBrit Collab - Depoche Watch Collab

A very good day to you Sir or Madame from @TheExiledBrit! I hope you're all well and looking forward to another week back on the grind. This edition we are looking at some friends of ours over in Sweden who are bring back a fashion piece that evokes memories of the highest echelons of our societies.

Based in Stockholm, they are bringing the pocket watch back into current day. True gentlemen not only keep time, they do so in style and in an era of digitalism and ever growing distractions, I agree with them that it's time to bring back some classics. Depoche was founded with one idea in mind - to reintroduce an iconic timepiece in its simplest form. They've done this by crafting pocket watches that display simplicity and elegance. Watches that make you stand out from the crowd. As the first wearable watch, the pocket watch stands as a symbol of our interest and fascination with time. It's history can be traced back to the 16th century, when the socialites of the time began wearing it in their waist coat pockets. The pocket watch has evolved over the decades, eventually resulting in the wrist watches seen around the world today. The style and elegance embodied within the pocket watch however is timeless.

Depoche Silver Pocket Watch

Now, I can understand if you might think this is all incredibly hipster, but I would have to completely disagree. This is a reinvention of the pocket watch and I think all too often we miss out on very simple pleasures in life. Taking a record out of it's sleeve and delicately placing the needle on it, brewing a coffee from scratch and letting the utter strength of it hit your mouth and now I have to admit I need to add, pulling a pocket watch out and checking the time. These have all been replaced by flicking through your iPod to put something on your speakers, instant coffee that has nowhere near the depth of flavour as grain coffee and pulling your phone out. It is just not the same. We rush through things so quickly now we don't enjoy ourselves and what could be a more potent metaphor for enjoying the time we have here than taking pleasure from checking the time.

Depoche Black Pocket Watch

The two models offered by Depochewatch are Avignon Black and Silver, both costing €139. The build quality is absolutely fantastic, it feels solid and the chain doesn't feel like it will just come apart. You can see and feel immediately after taking it out the box that a huge amount of care has gone into this. I personally plumped for the Silver as I think it was easier to match  but depending on your style the black might be the perfect colour for you. Also, don't just think you need to be wearing a suit to wear a pocket watch, you can attach it to your jeans to elevate your street style to the next level or even to your favourite heavy cotton shirt and keep it in your breast pocket!

In collaboration with Gorilla Socks, and to celebrate July 4th, Depoche will be offering a 20% discount on all orders for the next week using discount code gorillasocks. And just because they're nice guys, you can use discount code depoche for 20% off Gorilla Socks' awesome bamboo socks!

To wrap things up, the guys and gals over in Sweden have done a fantastic job and I personally think Sweden is becoming more and more a hotbed of not just fashion but of everything good. You've inspired me to brush up on my Swedish lads! Go and check their website out by clicking any of the pictures on here and don't forget to give them some love over on their instagram. Tack så mycket once again for reading and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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