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Aquarium of The Pacific

October 19, 2018

Aquarium of The Pacific

As a nonprofit organization located in Long Beach, California, the Aquarium of the Pacific remains steadfast in their efforts to educate people and preserve endangered species. To accomplish this goal, they collaborate with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They also have a variety of exhibits and means to educate people on environmental science and the sustainability measures that can be taken to protect the endangered species that are studied in that field.

The educational opportunities at the Aquarium of the Pacific play an important role in protecting endangered species because they raise awareness of an ecological problem that humans caused and can solve. These educational programs include their online learning center, podcasts, video conferencing, adult classes, homeschool and their exhibits. With the knowledge that people gain at the Aquarium of the Pacific, there is hope that at least one of them will contribute to the sustainability efforts when he or she leaves.


The field work done at the Aquarium of the Pacific is just one of many efforts that are made to preserve endangered species of animals such as sea turtles and whales. The endangered species being conserved also include the southern sea otters, the Micronesian kingfisher, the abalone, the magellanic penguins, the giant sea bass, the vaquita and the great lakes piping plover. The fieldwork projects that take place at the aquarium include the Urban Forest Program, the SECORE Project, the Scientific Dive Program, and the Marianas Avifauna Conservation. To accomplish all of this, the Aquarium of the Pacific partners with a myriad of organizations including but not limited to Cascadia Research Collective, the Marine Conservation Research Institute, the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization­.

All of these efforts are anything but unnoticed and the awareness is raised further by the events that take place at the aquarium which attract visitors. The more visitors that come, the more opportunities that the staff have to educate people on endangered species and what they can do to help protect them. For the people who want to get actively involved, there are citizen science symposiums and citizen science programs that they can participate in. The more people get involved, the greater the likelihood is that the Aquarium of the Pacific can accomplish its goal of conserving the endangered species.

For more information about the Aquarium of the Pacific and its programs follow this link.

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