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5 Ways to Give Back to the Environment

August 02, 2017

Today, we are re-posting an article from Eden Project outlining some effective ways we should all follow to give back to our precious environment.

  1. Help protect animals that are at risk of endangerment:

Lemurs are unique animals that are found only in Madagascar, but they are greatly threatened by deforestation. Eden Reforestation Projects restores the lemur habitats at Ankarafantsika and Baie de Baly National Parks in Madagascar. You can help restore these forests and the lemurs’ homes—a donation of $10 will plant 100 mangrove trees.


  1. Reduce carbon emissions by planting mangroves:

Mangroves are highly efficient and are able to sequester 3 to 4 times more carbon when compared to other forest systems. Eden will plant over 30 million mangroves in Madagascar in 2017, and you can add to that number! Planting 100 mangroves will eliminate the average vehicle’s carbon emission for a full year—that’s only $10


  1. Transform conditions of impoverished villages:

Villagers in need of homes and income have cut down the trees of their forests to create charcoal to sell as a means to survive. You can give a villager a new source of income planting trees (instead of cutting them down).


  1. Empower women—the key to long-term poverty alleviation:

The majority of Eden’s employees are women. Because of the jobs they have been given, hundreds of loving mothers are now able to afford an education for their children. After saving a portion of their income, scores of female employees have launched life-changing micro-enterprises in their community.


  1. Regrow a once-thriving forest:

With Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecosia’s help, the village of Antanamarina, Madagascar is in the process of enlarging the remnant forest near their village. The surrounding region has been highly degraded, leaving many nearby villages in a desperate condition. By donating $10 a month, you will plant hundreds of trees in the region and help regrow the entire forest back to its former glory.


Gorilla Socks’ objective is to help save the critically endangered mountain gorilla. There are approximately only 880 species left in the world, and can be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. A main threat gorillas face everyday is deforestation. As a vegetarian species, they feed on plants; loss of their ecosystem and a result of human activity can have a huge impact on their ability to survive.

If you want to learn more about Gorilla Socks and our work please visit this link. For our partners the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund remarkable work please click here. For Eden Project’s amazing mission of recreating a healthy forest system please follow this link.

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