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3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

July 17, 2017

Reducing your carbon footprint is on everyone’s minds these days, but what if you have that wild spirit yearning for adventure too? It’s okay to want to travel and still be green so here’s some tips I’ve rounded up to get you on the right track.

  1. Check your party & distance to check your footprint 

Different modes of travel have different carbon emissions based on the distance. So, check who you’re traveling with beforehand to get a better readout. According to UCS USA’s article on traveling green, if there’s only two people in your group and you’re traveling about 750 miles, a train is the best option for you. If you’re alone, try to pick a nonstop flight. A family of four going about 200 miles would have the best option be a car. Check the chart in Chapter 6 and do some additional research beforehand to see what’s right for your group.

  1. Pack light

Anyone that owns a car knows that the heavier the vehicle is, the more fuel it burns. The same applies to trains, busses and planes as well. Emissions from these vehicles in turn will create more greenhouse gasses, hurting our planet. Packing light cuts down on the weight of the entire transportation system overall. So only pack the essentials and think of the back pain from lugging those suitcases and duffels everywhere when you’re already stressed from traveling. Even if you’re hiking or walking, you’ll want to have as little weight on you as possible.

  1. Choose a green hotel (or no hotel at all)

Before where you decide to sleep for the duration of your stay, look into the hotel’s green policies. These days, more and more hotels are making green living a priority and they are not afraid to tell you about it. Research these things before you book your reservation. The other option is to not stay in a hotel at all! Staying with family or friends allows you to have much more freedom in being green, like options to recycle and the duration of how long between washing sheets/towels. Hostels are also a great option as well, so look up the ones in the area you’re looking to travel in.

Eco-friendly travel isn’t as hard as you think, in fact it can be super easy with a little research. If you put in the work before hand, a guilt-free vacation is easy. While you are at it, keep your wardrobe ecofriendly as well. Read my previous post on ecofriendly fashion option and check out Gorilla Socks stylish bamboo socks collection at this link.



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